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Crew Leader Meeting

By: Tiffany Malone

Saturday, October 4th marked the 44th VHRP Crew Leader Meeting. With more than 100 Crew Leaders in attendance, both veteran and new, the meeting was a success. Volunteers from companies large and small will participate in Rebuilding Together's Volunteer Home Repair Program on October 18 and October 25. From ExxonMobil, BP and NRG to Gilbane, Hoar Construction and 2nd Baptist Church, each organization’s Crew Leaders took time out of their Saturday to ensure that everything runs smoothly on their day(s) of service.

As major changes are taking place in the organization, things were a bit different in the meeting as well. Jim Soller, the Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Houston begun the meeting introducing the new RTH website. The website has a new crew leader training section that lays out the Crew Leader process step by step. It’s equipped with Crew Leader How-To videos, crew recruiting tips, Project Management 101 and other various resources. The position of volunteer crew leader is a way for individuals, young and old, to improve or develop project management skills.

“I decided to be a Crew Leader to help me with my project management skills in a less intimidating environment . . . ,” says Courtney Abney a first time Crew Leader from 147 RW.

Rebuilding Together Houston revitalizes neighborhoods by repairing homes at no cost to qualifying elderly homeowners. Volunteers and community partners provide the support needed to preserve the dignity of individuals, to restore pride in local communities, and to build a better Houston for all.

Just ask Dan King. He has been volunteering with Rebuilding Together Houston for over 20 years with ExxonMobil. He says what keeps him coming back are the “clients and the smile on their faces when we are working for them.”

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